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Designing Your Home Around Your Business: Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Are you focused on growing your small business? If you’re aiming to expand your home-based business, you may need a home office with more room for storage and supplies. Your solution might involve shopping around for the best mortgage rates with MortgageBite and purchasing a new, larger home. Or, you may want to get creative and redesign an extra room in your current home! Regardless of the approach you choose, these tips will point you in the right direction as you create an environment at home that is ideal for your business. 


Relocating for Space

Sometimes, the best way for an entrepreneur to find more space for their business is by buying a property with square footage. First, you’ll need to see how much you can spend on your new home. Then, to save on your closing costs and avoid getting stuck with a high-interest rate loan, make sure to compare mortgage lenders to make a wise financial decision! Remember, you’ll be making mortgage payments for years, so don’t hesitate to look for the best rates. You’ll also need to seek out a real estate agent. NerdWallet recommends working with an exclusive buyer’s agent rather than someone who also represents home sellers.


Time to Renovate?

What if you’re a bit short on suitable space for an office in your current home, but you’re not interested in moving? Consider hiring contractors for renovations! From bumping out a wall to create a bigger room to investing in an entire addition, renovating could be the perfect way to design the workspace you need. To hire the right contractors for the project, US News recommends asking your trusted loved ones for references, interviewing at least five different contractors, and checking out their licenses, complaints, and litigation history before making a final decision. Don’t rush this process — you don’t want to be left with subpar results!


Take Over a Spare Room

Do you already have a room in your home that you could use for another purpose? If so, it’s time to dive into the design process and establish your home office! You’ll need essential furniture like a desk with drawers and storage cubbies, as well as an ergonomic chair where you can work comfortably for hours on end.


You should also consider upgrading your technology for the sake of your business - this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Whether you need a new monitor, printer, or to switch to a new Internet provider, investing in these upgrades will provide great returns in the long run. Finally, take this chance to show off your artistic side in this space. From decor to a fresh paint job, you can make your office colorful!


Forming an LLC

As a business owner, you’ll need to think about business formation sooner or later, so it’s best to take care of this task once you’re finished setting up your home office! When you’re starting a new business, forming an LLC is particularly beneficial, as this will grant you tax advantages, flexibility, and limited liability. You will not have to worry about dealing with too much paperwork, either! Plus, you can save on lawyer fees by simply filing on your own or working with a formation service. Every state has slightly different regulations for forming an LLC, so research your local laws before moving forward.


Becoming a small business owner involves taking on many new responsibilities. Trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance is even more difficult if you do not have a dedicated workspace and storage area for your business! When you’re proactive about investing in a home that also serves as a personal workplace, you’ll see significant gains for your company.


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