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Home DIY Projects You Can Finish During Your Staycation

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Summer is a time for BBQs, enjoying fun in the sun, picnics, fireworks, and the occasional relaxing family vacation. But if your idea of R&R is more of a “staycation,” and you’ve gotten bored binge-ing Netflix, how about catching up on some unfinished DIY projects around the house? Zillow has a list of five quick projects you may have left before finishing and need a few minutes to complete.

Painting interior trim. This is the kind of feature that is easy to overlook but makes a huge impact. Instead of taking days or longer to paint an entire room, you can brighten it up by introducing a new color with the trim. All this for a fraction of the cost, time, and sweat.

Build a backyard fire pit. S’mores in your backyard! This is definitely a project you can start and finish in just a few hours. Most home improvement stores have either kits or pre-cut blocks that you can stack, and then you’re ready to get cooking!

Resurfacing your driveway. If you got cracks, chipping, or other wear and tear, it’s probably time to take action. Here’s a project that will likely take you a few days – you’ll need to power wash the driveway first, fill any cracks, then add your sealant or resurfacer.

Organize the garage. This one depends on how big and how messy your garage is! By adding some shelving, a pegboard, and a ceiling hook or two, you can create a ton of suddenly-usable space in your garage.

Replacing window screens.  Here’s a DIY project that can really save you big. Instead of calling a window company to come out and re-screen your home, buy and install the screening material yourself. Can’t figure it out? There are many helpful videos on YouTube.


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