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Remodel Options That Add Value To Your Home

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Have you decided to do a remodel within your home? It is very common to choose to do remodeling work either in preparation for selling it or just add to its value. But, how do you know if the materials, design choices, and details will add value to the house or if your tastes are too trendy, or the costs outweigh the benefits?  Real estate and finance experts at CNBC and Zillow have run the numbers on the top remodel options that not only look beautiful but will pay off when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

Here are some of the most effective choices:

Granite countertops – always a favorite. Dallas area agents report homes with granite to sell quicker (38 days sooner on average) and for more (4%) than the average home. Stainless steel appliances – if you’re looking for value, don’t settle for a black or white refrigerator or washer/dryer. Chicago listings sell 42 days sooner and at a 4% premium with stainless steel appliances. Exposed brick – a unique feature, in New York City it will gain you another 5% in value. Quartz countertops – while granite is always in style, Los Angeles agents are finding a wildly popular alternative. Additionally, it gives the home another 6% in value and can sell the home 50 days faster. Subway tile – the timeless look is paying off for sellers in Philadelphia. As for value, you can add an average of 7%, as well as 63 fewer days on market. Farmhouse sink – kitchens sell homes, and although they may not be farmers per se, Los Angeles buyers will pay 8% more, and the home will sell nearly two months faster (58 days). Shaker cabinet – notice a trend here?  If you’re putting money into your home to add to its value, spend your dollars in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Adding Shaker-style cabinets will add as much as 10% to the value of your Los Angeles home. Barn doors – rural/farm is an “in” look right now. Phoenix homes with a barn door feature can sell 57 days faster and add a 13% premium.

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