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Where to Buy a Home if You're a Video Gamer

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According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), approximately half of the nation plays video games (155 million – and 30% of those gamers are Millennials (18-35). Marketing experts say that millennial consumers are extremely challenging to attract. Despite their passionate nature, millennials can be fickle and flighty. How can we connect with the video game player who is ready to buy a home or consider their first home purchase? From a gaming aspect, here are some specific points of interest that this category of homebuyer would take into consideration:

Internet speed (including upload/download and latency speeds) Local gamer population Local events that cater to gamers Housing costs

Trulia recently analyzed U.S. markets based on these metrics to uncover some of the best areas conducive to video game playing. Here are the top 10 metro areas for video game playing homebuyers:

Los Angeles/Glendale/Long Beach, CA – Of course. The entertainment capital of the nation is the top destination for the gaming homebuyer. The only blemish on the metro score is the high home prices—median home price: $599,000.

Philadelphia, PA – Good speed, great community, and low home prices. Median home price: $172,000.

Anaheim/Santa Ana/Irvine, CA – Orange County’s metros provide top-notch stores and internet speed. Not an inexpensive location, however. Median home price: $730,000.

Urban Honolulu, HI – Top location for internet speed, a must-have for many popular games. Median home price: $645,000.

Oxnard/Thousand Oaks/Ventura, CA – Top location to find retail locations catering to gamers. Median home price: $619,000.

Boston, MA – Excellent local internet speed scores. Median home price: $459,000.

Chicago/Naperville/Arlington Heights, IL – Good latency score (how long it takes to send a message from one computer to a server and back – a “ping”), and a high score for the local gamer community. Median home price: $259,000.

Oakland/Hayward/Berekely, CA – Silicon Valley is just down the road, so not surprising that the city has one of the top scores for internet speed.  You might experience some “sticker shock” with the home price, though—median home price: $648,950.

New Haven/Milford, CT – Great download speed score for this metro; however, you might find it difficult to find other gamers in this older market.  Median home price: $242,768.

Seattle/Bellevue/Everett, WA – Several great local gaming conventions, but “surprisingly” slow internet speeds.  Median home price: $449,950.