Donald Odierno

Donald Odierno
Senior Loan Officer

Mortgage Unlimited
602 Boulevard
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

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60 miles

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NJ - 142344

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About Me
Results-proven small business entrepreneur with over 40-years of experience in new business development. Enjoyed career spearheading start-up companies, leveraging and parlaying the profitability of and experience garnered at each for future successful endeavors. Expert in marketing, sales, sales management, lead generation, office and supply chain management as evidenced by stints in the home improvement, telemarketing, mortgage and water purification industries. Excelled at the executive-level in each enterprise, branding companies and products through minimization of sales lead costs and maximization of profits and productivity. Devised successful targeted sales/marketing solutions for direct mail, telemarketing, Internet and print media while leading highly compensated sales and lead generation teams to consistently exceed top industry rankings. Utilized exceptional communication skills to manage relationships between sales and sales support while creating and maintaining a delicate balance of a team-oriented yet competitive corporate culture. Combined innovative and bottom-line driven business problem solving with stalwart training and leadership capabilities. Proficiently developed process improvement strategies and managed